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Legal Notices

1.- Identification information of the website

Registered domain name : www.ct4law.com
Editor : Corinne Thibaudat
Hosting services’ name : Netissime
Address: Calle de San Vicente Ferrer, 72 – 1º. ext – 28015 Madrid
E : corinne.thibaudat@ct4law.com
T : +34 650 420 730
NIF-VAT : ES-X2059109B

Madrid ICAM (Spain) nº C70732
Nanterre Bar Association (France) nº 03408289
Standards of profesional conduct :

  • The CGAE Code of ethics (General Council of Spanish Lawyers) – Spanish Royal Decree 658/2001 of 22 July 2001
  • French Decree n°2005-790 of 12 July 2005 regarding the legal profession’s rules of conduct
  • The Charter of core principles of the European legal profession – CCBE (Council of Bars and Law of Societies of Europe) – 24 November 2006
  • The CCBE Code of conduct of 28 October 1988

2.- Terms and conditions

The following provisions regulate the website page (hereinafter the “website”), which is not an e-commerce website but a simple corporate website that ct4law makes available to the user of internet for free (hereinafter the “user”). Therefore, in accessing the ct4law website, the user shall conform to all the conditions that are included in the following legal notices. The user has then sole responsibility for the use and navigation he/she makes of the website with regard to ct4law and third parties.

The legal and tax services that ct4law provides to its clients are the result of an exclusive services delivery that clients have duly agreed, independently of the use or not of the website. In other words, the services under no circumstances are offered through the website.

The user agrees to use correctly the website and specially not to use it in order to perform illegal or unethical actions. Therefore, ct4law declines any responsibility arising from the damages that might result by such activities.

Users are recommended to read carefully these legal notices every time they wish to enter and use the website,  since their content may change.

Last version : October 2015

3.- Intellectual property

All the content of the website – such as design, text, photographs, logo, technological elements and source codes –  is exclusively the intellectual property of ct4law or of third parties. The trade name, the domain name and any other distinctive sign also are the property of ct4law or of third parties. The sole access to the website does not imply any transfer of rights to the benefit of the user, except those which are necessary for the use of the website.

The user shall be obliged to use correctly the website, in accordance with rules of law applicable on intellectuel property. Hence, the user shall not under any circumstances copy, reproduce, translate, nor communicate all or part of the website, without the previous written consent of ct4law or of the corresponding right owner.

It is strictly prohibited to use the website for purposes to damage the property or interests of ct4law or of third parties, especially the server, the hardware and/or the software that belongs to ct4law or to third parties. The defaulting user is thereby liable to ct4law or to third parties for any damages that might arise out from the breach of such obligations.

4.- Links

Without prejudice to compliance with other conditions required under current legal rules, the reference of any link to the website that the user wants to add in his/her websites shall be provided under the same URL address as the website URL address itself, and be made only to the Home page of the website. Under no circumstances shall the hyperlink be established to websites with contents that are illicit, immoral, violent, racist and/or inappropriate with regard to the activity of ct4law, among others.

The links provided in the website are specified for information purposes only, and in order to facilitate the user access to contents which are considered of interest by ct4law.

5.- Disclaimer of liability

The information included in the website is general, and does not constitute at all a legal and tax advice. Therefore, ct4law declines any responsibility for the decision made and/or the harm caused to the user that could result from the sole use of the information contained in the website.

Moreover, ct4law shall not be responsible for any viruses – and more generally any type of IT item – that might infect the computer equipments of the user or of third parties, as a result of using the content of the website (hardware, software and/or data bases, among others).

Nor Ct4law can be held liable, in general, for any misuse the user may made of the content of the website.

Finally, ct4law does not guarantee the access to the website without interruption.

6.- Protection of personal data

The personal data voluntarily supplied on the website by the user when completing the electronic form located in the “contact” tab in the website, are integrated into the ct4law’s database in accordance with the Spanish legal provisions of the Data Protection in force. Ct4law reserves the right not to take into account the incomplete or inaccurate forms.

The user is entitled to access, change, correct and/or delete his/her personal data, in accordante to the legal provisions in force that apply in this respect. To this end, the user may send a written request to the following address : Calle de San Vicente Ferrer, 72 – 1º ext. – 28015 Madrid or submit his/her request to the following email address : corinne.thibaudat@ct4law.com. In any case, the user has to indicate complete name and surname and enclose a scanned photocopy of his/her ID in force.

7.- Applicable law and attribution of jurisdiction

These legal mentions shall be governed by Spanish law. Any dispute regarding their interpretation and about the website in general is submitted to the jurisdiction of the city of Madrid (Spain).

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